Saturday, April 4, 2009


Step 1

From the Copath Application Manager Main Menu, Click on the "Slides Send Out" icon (highlighted yellow).

Step 2

Enter surgical specimen number or medical record. Click on the search button.

Step 3

If the case has been sent out previously, it will be noted here. Otherwise, click on the "New" button(highlighted yellow).

Step 4

A window is opened where information is added about the case being sent out. In the "Requested By" box, enter the name of the person making the request. The next box below is the "Recipient" box. Enter where the case is being sent to. Next, enter the address and phone number. In the "Comment" box, enter what the case is being sent-out for. Finally, in the "Return by Date' box, enter a date for the case to be returned.

Step 5

Find an click on "Specimens" tab (highlighted green arrow). Locate the "Material Description" box (highlighted yellow) and indicate what is being sent ie. 3 blocks and 3 slides. Make sure the "Print Form Letter" is checked (highlighted yellow and indicated by double black arrow) before clicking on the "Save Next Specimen" box (black arrow). This will generate a form letter to be sent along with the requested material.

Step 6

When materials sent out are returned, they must be logged in that they have been returned. On main menu, open the "slide Sendout" icon by double clicking on it (highlighted blue above).